I am a Doctoral Candidate in the UCLA Dept. Of Information Studies and a Hewlett-funded Research Fellow with the Open Education Group studying the changing nature of knowledge, learning and pedagogy in the digital age. I consider myself to be at the nexus of three disciplinary communities: educational studies, information science, and science and technology studies. My current research focuses on issues relating to open education, scholarly communication and the digitization of teaching and learning. My dissertation project examines the implementation of open textbooks in colleges across California, focusing on issues of discourse, infrastructure and usage. Other research interests include technology access and equity, digital humanities and the history of print and digital media.

Previously, I studied Media Anthropology, Cultural Studies and Optometry at the School of Oriental and African Studies in England, the UCLA Dept. of Education and the Technological Educational Institute of Athens in Greece. My outlook is highly interdisciplinary and informed – in addition to my academic training – by my  background is in journalism, communications and art management.